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不流淚的機場 - JJ Lin

The lyrics are just... so, so relevant. Here is a translation of the lyrics:

The lights on the floor shine like stars What place waits for me to land and stay?

I walk by a door and a bridge, But what smile is worth stopping my heart?

Those who run forth need Medicine to rid their regrets By going to church to pry for that moment.

Love is a lonely journey of thirty thousand miles And the tears of waiting glistens While waiting for the possibility of crossing the distance.

No matter how far, love is by your side.

A pained, understanding gaze, In the airport that sheds no tears, You've been hurt enough, What are truth or lies?

I only ask that you don't forget me My truest side And my most sincere smile.

Red lights flash where I have stopped Blue skies and green leaves are familiar but different. A bed is just a stop. Night and day have reversed. Who can truly read a smile on a face?

A brief moment of sprinting back and forth, An unopened backpack--- The life I've taken part in writing is too messy: Happiness is always pacing outside the door, And too many nights of strangers bother me. If you can understand, I will lean into your embrace. Obviously, there are some things that are lost in translation, and the way things are ordered don't really make sense in English, but I think you get the gist of the song. The song is simply so relevant: the feeling of always leaving and coming back, trying to look for a reason to stay, and something to arrive to.

"No matter how far, love is by your side."

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