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6 First Date(s) Ideas!

Happy Friday! The end of the week always comes as such a big encouragement after a long week. I hope everyone has had a productive and blessed week!

This week has been a very, very big blessing, because I have such dear friends who want to celebrate my birthday with me. On the other hand, I am a huge introvert and you've all drained me of all my energies, so I am still trying to recharge. It's a good kind of tired, though :) It's the kind of tired that comes after a huge amount of adrenaline has been used. I'm not very used to seeing a lot of people in a short succession of time, so I need a lot of recovery time.

I wanted to talk about something fun today: date ideas! Dinner and movies are safe, but there's really nothing safe about love! Love is about being vulnerable, diving head first into a sticky pile of goo that might end in heartbreak, but it's worth it. So let's start off a dating affair with a big bang! These will be fun ideas for just friend-dates or even later-on dates, too for those of us who aren't going on first dates! :)

1. A Carnival/Fair Date

The fatty foods and fun rides will do all the work for you, and you'll have a chance to get to know each other better as you stand in line for funnel cake and the carousel! It is definitely an all-day affair that will leave you two excited for the next date.

2. Wine and Paint

Wine can get creative juices flowing and the talking. Get to know more about each other with a bit of alcohol, and play around with paint. For all you Freudians out there, maybe you'll see things in each others' paintings to dig even deeper in conversation!

3. Hiking

Okay, let's not do the really tough hikes that leave us smelling stinky on the first few dates. After all, first impression(s) are important! The light hiking should be okay with a bit of deodorant and waterproof make up, though ;) This is a great way to see whether or not you are able to encourage one another, and rely on each other. Don't forget to bring water and light snacks!

4. Beach Bum

As a Socal girl, I love long, romantic walks on the beach. It's a cliche, but there's just something nice and romantic about having the water lap lazily at your feet as the breeze plays with your hair... and of course, the sunset will be slowly sinking into the depths of the ocean, and the golden hour will give you a romantic soft glow... Plus, it'll be fun to splash each other and see each other's more childish side!

5. Downtown Disney

I'm your average, stereotypical cheap Asian who cannot afford Disneyland, so Downtown Disney will have to do. It's still full of overpriced items, and you can wear your Mickey and Minnie ears and take photos together! Downtown Disney is full of insta-worthy nooks and cranies that won't break your budget, and there are nice restaurants to eat at!

6. Sports Games

I personally really enjoy the excitement of watching sports, and I think seeing what kind of sports person you are is important! Does your partner curse the other team, throw popcorn, fight others? How knowledgeable they are might be important to you too!

What are some of your first date ideas? :)

Hope you have fun!

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