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Fifteen years ago, I remember sitting in my fourth grade classroom hearing about the plane crashes. Now, 15 years later, I am sitting in a room that is about 45 minutes away from what used to be the Twin Towers and World Trade Center, flying over that very same spot at least once a week for my job. In fact, just a 10 minute walk will get me to a station that can take me directly to the World Trade Center.

9/11 is really something you never forget. You don't forget where you were at that moment. Still today, I hear of stories of how people missed their flights, stepped out of the building, or barely missed being a number in the death toll of 9/11. It is a reminder of how fragile life is.

2 years ago, I was called to come to New Jersey. I went back to California for a bit, but again, God has sent me back here. I'm still seeing some of the same faces, and some new faces as I walk the streets. These are people that I don't know, but recognize. I wonder if they recognize me. Interstate missions is something that is so important... so real. It's so sad when people say that interstate missions isn't real missionary work. Here in New Jersey/New York are individuals who were closer to 9/11 than any of us. There is so much love and healing that is needed here, but it's oftentimes overlooked, because the United States is the biggest senders of missionaries. It breaks my heart again and again, and I am so blessed for the opportunity to stay here and be a part of this ministry.

We will probably always remember 9/11. It's in our textbooks, and the future generations may never fully understand it quite the way we do. But we all remember seeing the news. Even 15 years after it has happened, most of us still have the horrific videos imprinted on our minds. It's a part of our history as Americans and hyphenated Americans.

God bless America.

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