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The darkest colours begin the story --

The night that hides their faces from view.





Who can tell?

Hidden away, lips closed as lips lock,

Skin on skin, the soft murmur of "Babe", Interlocked fingers, and feathery caresses. Two souls, one heartbeat.

Unknowingly, feelings grew Eleven weeks in and spilt bright red. Two souls, but only one heart beat.

The blues settled in late summer Within the piano keys of the live band. In the music, the first sips of pink and green Get lost in the past. Back to the beginning-- back to the night.

And still, only one heart beat, The other just a living organ.

--I guess you can call this the third part of my short little... thought bursts? I know these are different, but these are really raw and come from a really close place to my heart. I don't know if any of you can relate to some of the feelings I have regarding certain things at this point in my life, but I hope you are enjoying reading them!

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