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"Don't be so brave."

Then what else can I be? I want to curl up and hide and cry and never face the world, but that won't change anything. I want to hug someone and selfishly ask them to carry some of my fears away, but I can't. How can I be unafraid of the unknown? Despite telling myself that it's okay; that it will be okay -- telling myself that all will happen in accordance to God's Will, and I need to just chillax a bit-- I can't. It's one of those things I'm struggling to give up, and be okay with giving up if it comes down to it. I've always been someone who took on waves head on as they crashed and thrashed, rushing towards me with monstrous power, because I know that if I don't bravely stand firm, I'll slip under.

I don't want to slip under.

I can only be brave.

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