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Cat Calendars Now Available!

I know, I know. It's set to begin on July 26th, and it's already July 24th. I have failed my own deadline, and ultimately, I have made this planner situation a lot more stressful for both myself and you. However, it is FINALLY done. Here it is!

I have been silly and made this a lot harder on myself by not creating the whole template, and instead had to update the template page by page... after I already filled in all the dates. I know, I fail. The floral design and minimalist design should hopefully be a lot smoother to create since I have learned a lot in my attempt at creating this cat calendar :)

Instead of ripping everyone off by putting on sale a calendar that starts after the first date, I will be creating the floral and minimalist calendars to begin at the end of August, in time for September. I will go ahead and upload the blank templates sometime this week for those of you who do need a planner sooner than that, so if cats aren't your thing (though I cannot fathom how), have no fear! Keep in mind that the cat planners currently up on my Etsy are PDF (digital) files. Per request, I will be sending out physical planner copies (of course I will adjust the dates and/or price so that you aren't paying full price for a planner that starts before you receive it), so if you would rather not deal with printing out an entire PDF, please just send me a message via Etsy, here, email, or even my IG.

Thank you so much for your continual support and encouragement, despite my failures in delivering. I will continue to try my best as my promise to you, my dear readers :) Please pray for me as I go into hammering out the two other calendar designs! I hope I do not disappoint.

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