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Day 12 - 25 Days of Christmas

Welcome to the 12th day of my 25 Days of Christmas giveaway series~ :) Please check out the linked post to read more about how you can win a gift worth over $500 in value!

I'm really not one for sparkles, but I decided to be a little sparkly for a holiday event at church :) Here is my silly picture

It is a Wednesday, so I wanted to still do a short, spiritual segment that is somewhat related to Wednesday in the Word.

It has seriously been a season of struggle. I think it's funny how since returning from hiatus, I have been pretty fired up and able to post relatively regularly, but the moment I am doing a challenge/giveaway dedicated to sharing the spirit of Christmas, I am so overwhelmed. The spiritual struggle is a REAL struggle, and we need to recognize it. The devil is sneaky and sly; he doesn't show up in the whole shebang of horns and red skin and black wings. No, he shows up inconspicuously, so he can slowly infiltrate your life. #constantvigilance!

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