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Day 17 - 25 Days of Christmas

Day 17 25 Days of Christmas giveaway series is a fun time, I think :) Please check out the linked post to read more about how you can win a gift worth over $500 in value!

I love my little fuzzy pillow! Haha, he has been one of the biggest blessings I've had this ear, and I love him to death. :) Please check out his instagram at @jameson_hakzai !


I feel like with the onslaught of busier work and all the holiday things, I've been really slacking off on blogging. I wanted to dedicate some time today to just write something more substantial today.

How are you all? I mentioned last week on Wednesday how it feels like as the holiday season is approaching, I am getting so caught up in everything from work to family and friends. I love giving gifts, and there really isn't anything that warms my heart more in knowing that I gifted someone something that they find useful or sentimental. I'm not the most sentimental person, but I do try to add a dablet of meaning into each gift I give, but the customization part of it does drain me a little bit. :) It's a good kind of draining, though!

A little update on me is that I am doing much better. For a few weeks, I was in a rut of stress, and I honestly couldn't really be bothered with talking to anyone. I'm still slowly getting accustomed to talking to people again. I hope that as Christmas creeps in, you're all doing great and getting a blast of joyous celebration!

It is a time to reflect upon and just give thanks for Jesus. He came and He conquered. He is King, who bore a crown of thorns and served his life to His people, and welcomed sinners into His Kingdom.

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