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Day 3

Hello! So if you have no idea what my 25 Days of Christmas blogiday series is about, I suggest you check out THIS blog post, pronto! There's a chance that YOU can win a Christmas gift prized at over $300, so make sure you aren't left out on this great opportunity!

Day #3 asks for stockings, but I could not find any holiday stockings to save my life, so here is a picture of me wearing stockings. :) I know, it's different, and a little out of the box from what you were probably expecting, but... :D

Yes, these are my legs with my touching thighs and lots of scars in crappy lighting. I was at a bridal shower today (as I mentioned), and I think there are far more important things than smooth and perfect skin and thigh gaps. Society may not call me beautiful, but I know of the beautiful God who created me to be His.

I am getting really sleepy, and I am travelling again tomorrow~ Have a great day, everyone!

I will post on my health(ier) regime soon! I'm sorry about the wait. :)

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