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Day 31

AND this is the last post of the year~ I didn't get a picture of my OOTD until I went out to go to NY Times Square for the countdown, so... I obviously didn't make it back in time to post this. Haha.

So here is a kind-of candid photo that my friend took of me. You'll have to ask her why she decided to slant my phone in such an angle, but YAY. Haha. I am in my new boots from Macy's, my mother's vintage coat, black tights, my LUSH olive green dress, my Kate Spade purse, Target scarf, and gloves that my bestie gave me for Christmas <3

And check out my arm candy for the night, too :) This nutracker can help me ward off any bad ones for years to come ;)

Good riddance that I am finally doneeee with this photochallenge. It was definitely more of a challenge than I anticipated, and I am so happy to go back to regular blogging for now :)

I am definitely trying out some new things this year, so YAY. I hope you'll all join me for this crazy ride ~

In reflection of this year, I have grown a lot. I was in a beauty pageant, which I never thought I'd be able to be in. I have been working with someone for a project that I'm excited to share with you all in hopefully a few months. I FINALLY quit the job that I despised. I took on a job that pays less than I need, and am rather enjoying it. I am back to being flat out broke, but God still gives me enough to give others. I began a romance that I really wanted to keep, but eventually lost, anyways. I fell in love and realized that maybe, in the human, mortal world: love is not always enough. I moved back and forth between the two coasts. I finally branded my site with my own domain. I opened up a shop that is kind of doing well (but also kind of not, because international shipping). I hit almost 600 participants in my 25 Days of Christmas giveaway! And I ended the year in Times Square, NY.

This has been a rough year. I lost and I loved... I loved and I lost.

I hope 2017 brings many more memorable memories that will bring joy, growth, and prosperity <3

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