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Day 6

It's Day 6! Thank you for following me on my blogiday series! If you don't know what it is, click HERE and find out how you can win a Christmas present priced over $300 from me~

I was going to go shopping today for some more Winter clothes, but it got rainy and cold, and I ended up sticking to online shopping like everyone else in the technology age. It's not quite COLD here yet, but I don't know when I may have a layover in Europe, or somewhere else snowy, so I should be ready :) Plus, I love winter clothes~ Unfortunately, most of my wardrobe consists of clothing for Californian Winters. I mostly stayed inside when I was here before, so I never really had a reason to purchase a lot of Winter clothes... And since my job kind of requires me to wear make up, I also wanted to pick up some winter shades of lipstick. So here's a quick screen capture of me trying to shop online~

Yes, my laptop is still on California time. I'm too lazy to change it. I am so tempted to buy these Christmas sweaters... but then I won't really be able to wear them for a long time.... Choices schmoices.

Hope you're all having a great month so far! :) I will talk to you soon!

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