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Days 17, 18, &19

Wow, I am such a failure. If you follow my Instagram, then you probably saw that my reason for not posting was because I was working. Obviously, work doesn't take up all fifty hours, and I should have had time to post... except I forgot to bring my laptop charger. I had my laptop ready for the layovers, but I had no way of charging :( Instead of turning off my laptop like I regularly do, I apparently put it on sleep, so by the time I got to my first layover, I had 5% battery life, which was not going to get me anywhere. I guess it kind of works out though, since I don't have any pictures of cookies or snowmen :( I was going to bake cookies and build a snowman, but then I got the call to go out on a trip, and there is no snow left. ]: And I was too tired to go to the market to get cookie mix this afternoon.


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Here are two big candy canes for ya~ I'm sure that many of you have probably seen a cropped version of this picture on my Instagram; this is downtown Brea :) This is kind of close to where I live in California, and it's absolutely beautiful this time of year. I wish I could have shared it with B as we had kind of planned. But alas! ...

Hope you've had a great weekend <3

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