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Get Lost With Me: Hawaii ft. my bestie

Aloha~ I know it has been a million years since I went to Hawaii, and my video is finally up! I apologize for the long delay. It truly has been a journey in itself to get all the files onto my computer, and we unfortunately lost some clips along the way.

**If anyone has recommendations for a cheap and effective vlog camera that can transport files via USB cord, please let me know!**

Anyhow, here is the long-awaited video! I apologize again for the very long delay and the fact that there are missing clips. To be completely honest, I think some of the clips may even be out of order since it has been so long that my goldfish memory might have just switched up some events. Regardless, I hope you all enjoy!

Mahalo, Hawaii for your hospitality, beautiful beaches, and lovely views <3

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