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Happy Sunday

Hello, hello! Tis the last Sunday of the month; I hope everyone has been doing well. I have been travelling a lot this past week for work (sadly, no super long layover with time to really vlog or do anything worthwhile). Obviously, I also worked a bit on my vlogs when I had my last couple of days off, and I realized: wow, I really do need something with more stability. And I need to work on getting fit again. Last year, I had worked very hard on staying fit, but with my current job, I've been really letting it slack. It has been a journey trying to figure out a schedule and routine that works, since my lifestyle is pretty much "Hope for a good trip or be able to go home". Because of that, my diet has consisted of starving until I get free, sodium-packed airplane food, grabbing grease filled airport food, eating out with friends/family, ordering take-out, or trying to be fancy with some instant ramen. Nothing in my diet has been healthy, and it's showed. I've lost weight, but that's more of just muscle loss becoming fat. #sadface

On a happier note, it's Sunday! I think regardless of whether or not I'm physically able to make it to church due to my ever-changing schedule, Sundays always make me happy :) It's like my week gets reset, and I can take a deep breath, and start over. This week has definitely been draining, and as much as I love my job, sometimes the schedule and pay is a little ridiculous :) Despite it all, I'm blessed with the opportunity to travel around, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I have goals to start expanding on my blog/brand: I don't think it's any secret that being a flight attendant doesn't really pay much, and I have bills to pay. God willing, I would like to start expanding on my Instagram, Youtube, and shop. A lot of expanding on IG is going to be putting up the obnoxious hashtags that I actually really hate using (and seeing, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do). My YT is currently pretty much just my vlogs, but I really do want to start filming some of the scripts that I've written in the past. I obviously don't have the people nor equipment to do so, but eventually, that is something I'd love to do. Truth be told, I've missed script writing and acting too much to just let it go. As for my shop, I have been trying to restock my shop, but it has been hard trying to make a big enough stock to sell. I am looking into doing more digital prints because reproduction will be faster, and I can also sell them at a lower price for consumers. Leave me some information on what you would like to see more of! :) I am working on making an academic calendar, so please check it out when it's out!

Anyhow, I'm still recovering from my week of craziness so I will go ahead and knock out soon while in Starbucks. It's the bestest place to sleep :D And as for my Hawaii vlog, I am still waiting for all the clips to load. #LordTeachMePatience

Until next time!

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