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Just an update

Hello, everyone~ It's been a while since I've just done an update. It's been really busy as of late, and I haven't gotten around to finishing up my Hong Kong and Hawaii vlogs. I will hopefully have at least Hong Kong up by the end of the month (sadly, I must let you know that I have lost some of the footage while loading it onto my computer). I'm actually going to work on that for a bit after I have finished up this post, so do not worry :) I hope you enjoy my vlogs! I am looking into getting a camera so that I can plug in my files into my computer, instead of trying to load everything on Kakao and... have it fail, and then have files deleted without realizing that my sending failed... #phonevloggingproblems

Originally, I was going to do a Germany vlog as well, but.... It's mostly just a few different clips of views, and then me updating you while being extremely lost, so I think I am going to just upload some of the clips and write a blog about it. #failsnail. So... Germany blog post might actually come even before Hong Kong and Hawaii vlogs (still in the process of downloading all the Hawaii and Germany vlog clips)

But while I wait for everything to download, I wanted to actually post something a bit nostaglic. I saw this a little while back, and I thought it was a cool idea, so... I will do so in my next post. Which will go up possibly within the next few hours.

All in all, despite having my body kind of shutting down from all the hectic-ness, I am so blessed beyond blessed to have the opportunities that I do to travel and meet amazing people. I truly, truly would not trade it for the world.

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