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Monday #3

Good morning!

It is Monday #3 of 2019, and already things are going great! And I am absolutely being very sarcastic, haha. I just decided I'd pop in with a little mini update since I've not written anything since Wednesday. I am alive!

It is nothing detrimental, it is just a lot of busy-ness that is making me go a little nuts, but it is okay!

Work has been very busy, since my boss has come to the States, so that means we have to pretend to be busy with work even if we are not, and do a lot of preparatory work.

For school, I have already submitted two late homework assignments, and I stayed up until very late last night to send in an essay 35 minutes before the deadline.

Yes, things are not looking too great from my perspective.... But God is good, and I look forward to what goodness awaits. 2019, you've already been conquered.

I pray all of your 2019s are off to a great start! I'll... pop back in soon. :)

My goal for this blog is to post at least 3 entries a week, as it does not really seem like 5x a week is plausible while balancing everything on my plate right now.

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