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Montreal Mischief

Hello! It has been a few days since I last came on here. :) How is everyone? This past weekend, I took a much needed vacation to Canada to visit my cousin and celebrate her belated birthday. and I had so much fun! It was great being able to relax for a weekend and just not worry about anything. Getting to spend time with my cousin made me feel a little less in-exile from my close friends. What a blessing this past weekend has been! :) I also completely fell in love with all the colours! Even from the plane, I saw perfectly lined rows of red, yellow, green, and brown trees, and when I walked around with my cousin, I was so in awe of seeing so much colour up close! Take a look at these beautiful trees standing proudly next to one of the McGill libraries!

She also took me to the port, where we had an impromptu photoshoot, because that's how girls express their love for pretty sights

And yes, the dorky photo with my signature V-sign is definitely necessary. How else will someone be able to tell if it's really me or not?

*in photos: Forever 21 jeans, Forever 21 scarf, Vince booties, Calvin Klein backpack, Charlotte Russe speckled long sleeve shirt (white), and vintage coat I stole from my mother.

The morning that I was supposed to leave, my dear cousin also took me to walk around Old Montreal, where we, of course, found another place for a random photoshoot.

*in photo: Banana Republic sweater, Simons' scarf, Forever 21 jeans, Calvin Klein backpack, Vince booties

And yes, those are matching scarves that my cousin and I bought together at a store called Simons'.

Food, food, food. Food is of course important. Here is a picture of my very first meal (Korean food, because that's what my little cousin and I love), and it was so yummy! We were really full and satisfied, but fooddddd. It's just all too good.

Look at how happy she is! And I agree. Not photographed is our Fried Chicken Balls which came wayyy later in the meal, and I was too famished to wait to take a picture.

We had dinner with a family member, and it seemed a little rude to take photos, so I don't have any photos to take of our dinner food. However, the very next morning, she took me to Parvis Cafe, which is a hipster-style, green, and lovely place. The lighting was horrible at our table, so I don't have pictures of our fruit bowl and salmon toast thing, but it was very yummy! Meanwhile, enjoy these pictures of random parts of the cafe!

Look how pretty the atmosphere is! It was the perfect breakfast place for two weirdos in the middle of Montreal without much French knowledge at all.

She also took me to try poutine! I had no idea what to expect, and I had no idea that poutine is fries. I'm not much of a fries person, but it was actually really yummy. We weren't able to finish it, but it was so worth it.

I haven't really done my research on how poutine is made, but it was french fries topped with pork, green onions, and "gravy". The gravy kind of tasted like it was made with pork fat, but it didn't taste heavy enough to be made of pure pork fat.

Needless to say, my healthy diet kind of went byebye during this weekend, but I am definitely still working hard to get healthy and fit. I think my next update will definitely be about health and fitness; I really do see a difference already!

I will update you soon! Have a great and amazing week :)

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