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Off to San Francisco!

I am off to San Francisco this weekend! So sadly, I will not be posting tomorrow, as I will be spending time with my family and bothering my sister. I'm really excited to go up and away from this scorching hot weather down in SoCal, and thought I'd share with you some of the things I'm bringing on my little weekend trip! My apologies in advance for the poor lighting. My aunt and uncle are visiting, so my room is a bit of a mess right now from hosting extra dwellers. This post does not include contents within my purse**

First let's start with this big, black, Longchamp-inspired bag I got from Beijing. I got this at the Red Bridge Market for about $6 USD, and it has lasted me through my flight attending career, and is now my weekend-bag!

Inside, I have this cute "NOPE" backpack, which has a pouch from an old Ipsy subscription. I like putting my toiletries in here, so that if anything spills, it is all encased.

Of course, I need my toothbrush and toothpaste. My toothbrush doesn't fit in the bag, but it seemed a little odd to showcase my toothpaste without including it. There really isn't any particular reason why I chose this toothpaste, other than it's the toothpaste I've been using, and it works. But, I do love the little travel pod on my toothbrush, which I discovered through Gigi Gorgeous ages ago. I believe he talked about it in a Favourites video where someone took a massive, stinky dump in the restroom and he tossed out his toothbrush and secured a new one with one of these pods. That's a really weird tangent, but I want to give credit where it is due :)

Next, I have my usual face-wash and toner. I rotate around what I bring, and this time, I decided to go with my Neutrogena Morning Burst face wash and Laneige toner. It's been pretty stressful at work this past week, so my skin has been freaking out on me. I wanted something that can give my skin the reset it needs, so I don't have to worry about more break outs. As for the toner, I love how moisturizing and cooling it is, which is perfect for this crazy summer! For short-term travel, I skip out on moisturizer, and just put on a couple extra applications of toner to save space.

I need dry shampoo and Q-tips! After showering, I like to do a couple spritz of dry shampoo, because I find that it helps my hair dry more voluminously. As for Q-tips, I use them to clean my ear piercings after I shower, so I can make sure I don't have an infection.

I also tossed my hand sanitizer into this bag, because I hand sanitize way too much. It is definitely a habit of profession, but I find we can never be too clean when it comes to travelling!

Now, outside of my little Ipsy pouch, I have a few larger items (including the toothbrush). We will be staying in a hotel, and I am usually fine with using the hotel-provided shampoos and conditioners for short stays. However, I have been loving this nourishing oil that my ex-roommate gave me for Christmas last year, so I am taking this with me. It makes my hair nice, shiny, and strong without being oily.

This Nope backpack also holds my trusty, old make up bag, where I put my make up essentials in! I can do a post later on about the make up that I bring along on my travels, if you would like, because that in itself can be a post! To its side is my Kipling pencil-pouch-turned-travel-makeup-brush-holder. These two bags have come along with me since my flight attending days, and I can't be happier with the way they hold everything together. And of course, with make up comes make up wipes! I've been loving these Simple Micellar Water wipes because they are gentle without compromising on cleaning abilities!

And last but not least, I like bringing along some sheet masks to keep myself moisturized and ready for the next day! Travelling means eating out, and eating out means lots of sodium, fats, and unhealthy foods. Slapping on a face mask helps in reversing some of the negative effects of unhealthy foods and sleep schedules!

I bought a packing cube on Amazon last year to stow all my clothing items. I absolutely loved it, but I somehow misplaced it during the hectic bustle of the previous month. Hack: Instead of freaking out and being sad, I used a bedding case to stow my clothes. It is plastic, and will therefore keep your clothes dry, AND it is pretty much free. Clothing is usually the most exciting, but I will be doing an Outfit of the Weekend post next week, featuring what I will wear, so I will just save it for that :) I also have a little laundry bag (formerly a purse duster bag) to put my dirties in over the weekend, so I can keep my dirty and clean clothes separate!

And then I have this shower caps to put my shoes in, since it will keep them clean and ready to be worn! I brought a pair of wedges to look pretty in. They will be featured in a later post, so I digress. I also brought along a pair of workout shoes (not pictured) so that I can work out in the hotel.

And lastly, I like having a pair of shower slippers when I travel. I don't like how the soft hotel slippers feel when they are wet, so I like bringing these plastic flip flops everywhere I go. They have a very satisfying squishing sound as I dry myself, and it makes me very happy.

Do you have anything fun planned for the last weeks before school starting? Let me know!

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