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please pray for Hakzai

Hello my friends,

For the past couple of weeks, my dear cat, Hakzai, has been struggling with keeping food down. His bloodwork and X-rays have come out clean, so there is no blockage, but we are still at a standstill in terms of further information. Yesterday, he went in for an ultrasound. The doctor said he overheard the tech speaking that there may be an IBD involved. While that certainly fits into our family well (myself struggling with an IBS, and my partner with an IBD), we are worried what this would mean for Hakzai and his treatment plan, and how we can afford it. For reference, my partner's IBD means he has to take a $2000 medication, weekly. Thankfully, with insurance, it is much more affordable, but we have no idea what that would look like in translation to a cat, and Hakzai's specific disease.

My partner lost his job in the tech cuts a couple weeks ago, and I myself am still struggling to regain footing after my health debacle back in 2020. While my business is doing well enough to expand, I have been using the money to go back into the business - paying off bills and supplies costs, helpers, and employees - which means that I have not been able to pay myself yet from my business.

For those of you who don't know, I've been working a couple part time jobs to keep myself afloat, and my partner has been very generous with his time and money. He has gotten me to a place where I am able to re-direct my focus to finding a full time job, as my employees have been trained up well enough to take over handling the admin tasks to keep my business running. That hopefully means 2024 will allow my business to generate some income for myself, but I am still in this black hole of trying to secure a full-time position (or getting Beyonce to book me for a vow renewal). Finances have been tight for the past few years, but this is by far the tightest we've been.

Please pray for Hakzai's recovery, and for us to be wise in how we allocate funds to treating him. His morale has been down, since he has always been such a fatty. Upchucking everything he eats has given him a food aversion, which is so sad to see :( He has always been the most enthused chomper, and it breaks our heart to see him this way. Thankfully, he has a lot of fatty reserve from his happy-chompy days to keep him up with energy, but even that is dwindling. Within a month, he has lost about 4 pounds.

Please also pray for my partner and I to be able to find jobs to support Hakzai and his treatments. We have been working hard on getting interviews in, but as he is in the tech industry, it has been pretty dry for him. For myself, I have been working hard on getting the interviews in between my jobs, but I have not yet had any good leads, either. Please pray for us to be able to receive God's guidance in our next steps, financially.

Lastly, I really hate asking for money, but I created a GoFundMe to help pay for some expenses. All the donations thus far have already been spent on the vet, getting a second opinion from another vet, testing, overnight stays, etc. We are starting to reach rock bottom again, and I don't get paid yet for another week. If you feel called or moved to, please donate. If you would prefer donating directly, please Venmo @SharonSewan-Cheung.

Thank you so much!

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