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Happy September! I have been not very consistent here at all. I am working on it, really, I am. I want to be more disciplined and I feel like I say this every time, and yet I keep falling short. This post is more of an update of this summer, so I hope you enjoy!

Throughout the first part of this summer, I was helping out with bridal shower planning and wedding prep, which was a lot of fun, but also really busy :) Pictures of the wedding aren't out yet, but I caught the bouquet! ;)

Meanwhile, I was also help train my friend's daughter for her first pageant. She did amazingly well, and even won a few prizes for her outstanding performance!

After her pageant, I had a trade show to plan, and that went amazingly well! I loved being a part of the FPFC Expo with my company, and had so much fun! We even got to go into Disneyland and watch The World of Colour. Beautiful~

One of the biggest things that I was part of this summer was a church retreat! I was honestly not sure if I would attend when it was announced, because I knew July would be such a busy month for me: weddings, trade shows, and travels. When I was asked to join the planning team, I rejected at first. I was up to my neck in events, did I want to do more? I was in my car when I checked my schedule, and somehow, I was free that entire weekend. With a sigh, I recognized that God's timing always wins, and I retracted my rejection and hopped onboard the planning team.

Almost immediately following the retreat, I flew up to San Francisco to participate in Miss Asian Global :) I was candidate #17, representing the Chinese American community in Rowland Heights.

It's been a really eventful summer, and I am ready for finals week to end, so I can rest a little bit. At least for a week. Kind of.

I hope you've all been having a phenomenal summer!

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