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Sunday Night Prayer

Hello there~ It has actually been a while since I have given some love to this series. My apologies. It is just that Sunday is usually a day of travel for me, which unfortunately means it's hard for me to type up any blog posts. Today is actually no different. It has been a pretty busy day of travelling to and from and around the entirety of Southern California.

This post actually is about my dear friend who recently had a stroke. He scared the living daylights out of me when he told me he had a stroke. I'm not someone who is very active on Facebook, so I felt so bad when I realized others had posted in regards to his stroke via Facebook :x Furthermore, he's in his thirties, much too young to be suffering from a stroke. He was telling me about how having a stroke has changed his view of the world, and given him motivation to live his life for Christ, instead of just becoming complacent about the things going on in his life now. It has been such an encouragement to hear about his faith in the Lord to get him through this, and how he is such a testimony to those around him. He was telling me about how some of the doctors and nurses are also of faith, and really helped him get through the toughest first two days in the hospital. I'm so glad that God placed his angels around him to give him strength to get through one of the scariest things that has happened to him so far.

As I got to talk to him and also reach out to others that he asked me to reach out to: I realized something. I don't appreciate my friends half as much as they should be appreciated. Truly, I have some of the most incredible friends in the world. I'm sure that if you've been following me for a while (this is total TMI), you'd know that I struggle with insane menstrual cramps, to the point where it really interrupts my daily life, and I have to be bedridden for a day or two. Knowing this, my friend's mom got me a heating pack and told me to take care of myself, and then proceeded to ask me if I had eaten dinner yet. I have another friend who goes out of her way to make sure that I'm okay and has a ride around everywhere in SoCal. Another friend of mine is someone who is deathly sarcastic, but will be there for me no matter what is happening. I truly have some of the most incredible group of friends, and I cannot be grateful enough for them. As someone who enjoys a hermit lifestyle and usually hides in my room and behind a laptop screen, I realize I really need t spend more time reaching out to these friends of mine. I don't know if and when any of them may be taken away, and just the thought that I don't reach out half as much as I should saddens me. This is something that I definitely, definitely need to work on.

Obviously, I would hope that all of my followers can please pray for my friend's recovery <3 He is doing very well; his legs were not affected, and it is his right arm and side of the face that are struggling a little bit. He is able to use his right arm, but it is lacking in strength and dexterity, which he will be going through physical therapy for. His face is a little unresponsive, so he does currently speak with a slight lisp. His chances of full or almost-full recovery are looking great, but there's still no diagnosis of what caused his stroke. He is on a strict diet for now, and he's focusing on getting his health up there :) So please pray for him through this tough and uncertain time~ He is very positive and encouraging in that he knows God is walking him through the waves, so we must also be his reminder when the trials get tough :) Also, please pray for him that through this, God continues to reveal to him more and more of his miracles and will for my friend. He is so strong, and I admire him so much for it.

For myself personally, please just pray for my relationships to be built and to be stronger; I need to stop letting bridges rot over the water and just buy wooden planks in wholesale when I actually need to cross it. I need to continue maintaining bridges and visiting -- communicating. I don't know if one day I storm will come and severe the bridge for good, so I really need to be intentional and tightly grasp what time and links I have now.

What are some prayer requests that you have? Please let me know so I can pray for you, as well <3

God bless! xx

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