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Wednesday in the Word

It's actually kind of hard to fathom that Donald Trump has won and will be taking on the position of presidency for the next four years. My first thought upon waking up at 3AM to find out this information was, "Where is Steve Harvey when you need him?" Then after the grogginess left my mind, fear set in.

I have posted about it on Facebook, and tried to calm a friend down, but it was hard in the midst of my own frustration, anger, sadness, and sleepiness. My heart plummeted down, and my first thought was my parents. As someone who speaks "perfect English", I am still the subject to many racist comments. I've been told to go back to China. I've been asked to do pedicures. People have tried to hit on me with a variety of Asian languages. But what about my parents? They do not speak English. They are legal citizens, but how can you tell? Even though a Trump administration cannot legally deport them, the actions and behaviours that they endorse are racist, and who is to say my parents are safe?

My friends of all different colours and religious beliefs... what is a Trump administration going to do to them? The hatred that they call "justice" is going to just encourage more racist comments.

This is a scary place to live in. No, it isn't about what a Trump administration will be legally and politically putting in place. It is about the social degradation of minorities and the squashing of rights. George Orwell's Animal Farm put it in very easily understood terms, "All animals are created equal, but some are more equal than others." This isn't a satire anymore: it's reality.

My heart is racing. Last month wasn't the greatest month, and I am still fighting to recuperate from it. However, there has been even more deaths this month, and I cannot help but be anxious about what is to come from this election. KSGN's daily text says,

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people he has chosen for His inheritance." - Psalms 33:12

It offers me a little bit of comfort: we can only pray now. I have friends who are undocumented, and I cannot even begin to fathom the kind of gut wrenching feelings they are going through. I have the luxury of knowing that at the very least, I am not in danger of having to leave behind everything and everyone. My friends do not.

"Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." - Romans 12:21.

Personally, I feel like a part of me has lost faith in the American people to reach towards equality. It's hard to put to words how hard it is the hold back my anger and frustrations at the outcome of this election. It isn't "Hillary supporters being salty", but more of anti-Trump-ers being afraid for how their lives will change.

I know that at this time, it's important to keep our hearts in prayer, and to accept defeat with grace, and trust that God is sovereign. It's never been evil that gained loyalty, but kindness that inspires action to change. This is the time where we need to respect that the electoral college has voted Donald Trump as president, and show him that we can graciously admit defeat, unlike how he has very preposterously announced that he will be a Bitter Betty about losing, in the case that he lost. By the popular vote, Clinton was ahead; people against the campaign for racism, sexism, and hatred expressed a majority of the American people. Please do not change that because of our president. Continue to educate the latter generations on the importance of love, acceptance, tolerance, and diversity. Do not be defeated, because we have not been defeated. Pray that God will guide our nation, and we will not have rivers of red flowing through our rivers and lakes.

My thoughts are all jumbled, but I do know this: God will prevail if we continue to have faith. Let's continue to stand faithful in prayer that there will be better days.

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