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Wednesday in the Word

Hello! Wow, two weeks in a row? I'm starting to get the hang of this! Haha, anyhow, today's topic: health and fitness.

This is something I have a love-hate relationship with, because while I love working out and eating healthy, it is so much easier to just eat un-healthily and sleep a bit longer... and just forget about eating healthy and exercising more. To be honest, I enjoy eating my veggies and fish and lean meats. I love the texture of brown rice and whole grains. I prefer eating milder-tastes than instant noodles and sodium-rich restaurant foods. I love running, squats, lunges, weight training, and simply feeling the burn. I love to dance, and I do so regularly, but not exactly in an "intense, exercising" sort of way. I more of just dance through aisles and make people look at me funny when I skip into a store. I want to dance full out in a gym and feel like I worked out for a couple hours. But... life (and costs).

Especially now that I am a flight attendant on reserve, it's hard to figure out when I can actually buy fresh food to make food, and it's smart to actually sleep most of the time, because I don't know when I will be asked to go on a trip. Plus, the pay isn't exactly ideal for someone who has moved out, and even though rent is "low", I am still struggling to get by. It is hard to adult, guys. Don't grow up. Just stay cute little babies that curl up next to your parents. It makes life easier-ish. But in all seriousness, I really needed motivation to get back into my health-track. I have noticed that I have gained weight, as my metabolism has slowed down, but my appetite is lost, and I am often feeling nauseous and fatigued. Yay, unhealthy lifestyle strikes! Then, I came across this verse:

"For no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ does the church" Ephesians 5:29

We are the Bride of Jesus, aka the Church. We need to take care of ourselves! You wouldn't look shabby for your wedding, would you? You'd prepare to get fit and look beautiful in your wedding dress (sorry guys, you're also a bride in this situation), right? You wouldn't settle for starting your exercise regime and diet "later", right? I feel like most of us, the moment we get engaged, our new healthy lifestyle begins, so that we can be the beautiful, blushing bride! (Okay, maybe a week later, after all the celebrations. But you get the gist). And in the same way, why aren't I taking care of my body? I should be dragging myself up to exercise and stretch and buying fresh foods. Eating take-out and instant noodles can get pricey, too! Plus, I should take advantage of the fact that it's not snowing yet to walk my butt over to the grocery store and buy fruits and veggies and whole grain stuffermajigs! Not only our actions, but all of us should reflect Christ. I have made a conscious decision this week to have my lifestyle and body also be a reflection of Him. It's going to be tough, but all things are possible through Him.

Let's go on this fitness journey together~ We can keep each other accountable and get our health grind on! I will be keeping you all updated on how I'm doing, and what I'm doing :) READY, SET, GO!

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