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Wednesday in the Word

Hooray, hump day! I have honestly been so tired this past week, and a little overwhelmed by things to do. I've been mostly focusing on doing QT through my discussion group and community group, rather than reading through the Bible on my own, however, I did come across a verse in Lamentations that I wanted to share.

"...She who was a princess among the provinces has become a slave." - Lamentations 1:1

This verse is Jeremiah lamenting about Jerusalem, and how Jerusalem was not yet the Jerusalem that it is today. At the time, Jerusalem was simply a city that was at one time flourishing, so to others, this prophecy simply meant that Jerusalem fell from greatness.

However, as descendants, we know that Jerusalem has much more importance than just being a successful city that fell. Though Jerusalem was overtaken by Babylons and literally enslaved, this is just a reflection of *how Jerusalem was overtaken and enslaved by sin. Jerusalem is not just a princess in that it was a great city, but that it is a chosen, Holy city. There is so much more weight in Jeremiah's prophecy and how it applies to us.

Just like how the people did not know what Jerusalem will stand for, we don't know what we, ourselves stand for. We are all princes(ses) in God's Kingdom, since He is the King of Kings, and we are His children. He created us free, and it is SIN that binds us into bad decisions, bad situations, and all other bad things.

Reflecting on this verse made me think a lot deeper into what it is that keeps me from taking up my identity as God's daughter. Living as the princes(ses) that we are doesn't necessarily mean our life will miraculously become perfect and easy, but a change in perspective can really make a huge difference. Coming from a background of depression and constant anxiety, Christ has given me hope and an anchor to hold on to when times get tough. Prayer reminds me that the disproportionately large circumstances that weigh me down are just manifestations of lies. I was not called to be bound by these lies, but to reveal them and break the chains that keep me away from God. What do I idolize over God, that complicates things in my life? For me, a lot of it is in work, friendships, family, finances, and basically everything. As a human bean, I have many aspects of my life that I struggle with completely giving over to God. How can I provide for my family without work? How can I do work well so that I can please my boss? How can I etcetcetc... the list goes on.

It's always really surprising to me how I can recognize the sin in my life, and how letting go of my desires and anxiety and letting God take over can change everything, but I'm unwilling to. Sin itself is such a stronghold in us, and that is why we are called to die to ourselves, because in our death, we are resurrected in our hope in Christ. We need to stop looking to our own desires and start looking to God. It's obviously easier said than done, but we literally have a lifetime to strive for this freedom -- this freedom we are undeserving of, but have somehow been given full inheritance to.

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