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Wednesday in the Word

Now that I am officially old(er), I am now more mature! According to society, anyways. I'd like to think I'm still a little immature five year old brat who likes to get things her way. I've been reading through Isaiah these days, and it's been really encouraging.

"It shall come to pass in the latter days that the mountain of the house of the Lord shall be established as the highest of the mountains, and shall be lifted above the hills, and all the nations shall flow to it..." - Isaiah 2:2

Isaiah 2 follows a chapter of God's complaints against the people, and warns that the unrepentant will face God's judgement. However promptly afterwards, Isaiah 2 lets us know there is hope that God promises "in the latter days", because there will be a restoration.

This challenged me: is this the hope that I am constantly seeking? Am I living my life knowing that what happens here on earth is just temporary? The day we are waiting for, as Christians, is for the day that God's sovereignty is proclaimed from the highest mountain, and HE is our only judge, and as our Father who loves us, we are victorious over and free of sin. If this hope has truly reached my heart, this should throw me into action to go towards the day where everyone will know of God. My own problems and struggles will diminish as God becomes greater, because I will recognize that I am so small. As I struggle with certain situations I'm in, I find that the struggle is not just in the circumstances, but my own struggles with sin. I am unable to lay down things down, and allow them to become idols in my heart; I enslave myself to them over serving God.

I'm challenging myself to ask, "Will the outcomes change my relationship with God?" whenever I find myself feeling anxious about things. Ultimately, if I will become bitter and distant from God, then I have a bigger problem to address that goes beyond the circumstance(s) at hand. On the other hand, if "the right resolution" will make me fall head over heels for God, then I need to pray more about what my perception of God and His role in my life is. And lastly, if it doesn't change my answer, then it is not important enough to fret over and let it consume me. It has helped me in putting a lot of things to perspective. What matters to me in that very moment, is usually a very small minuscule problem in the grand scope of things. In the end, there's no circumstance too big for God, only sins too great for me to overcome on my own.

What are some ways that you've felt convicted in bettering yourself, your life, lifestyle, or relationships? Leave a message!

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