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Wednesday in the Word

Happy hump day!

This year is turning out to be quite a challenge to get a steady pace in this blog! I apologize for the lack of posts, I am still working to figure out a schedule where I am able to get my homework, work, church/ministry, and blog done. Homework usually has a quicker deadline, so that is my number one priority (especially since it's not free). Work, I am obliged to do, as I am getting physically fed through work. To be honest, with church and ministry things, I am not really stepping up as of right now, and I am just attending service and ministry events. As for this blog... well, this blog has not really been as big of a priority in comparison.

Last week, I was away in Florida for an Expo! I missed traveling so much. Not going to lie, I cried on my Uber to the hotel, because Jet Blue has the same luggage as United's old uniform, and I just really missed being in a different place every couple of days. I know that it's really a first world problem, but not really traveling has been really hard for me. I've always just been a free spirit, floating around. Even if and/or when I get married, and have kids, I can't imagine just staying in one place without constantly going on trips and exploring. Travel is definitely an expensive investment, but it also gives so much new insight on perspectives, culture, and even faith!

Along that line, I wanted to chat about John 11:35, "Jesus wept." This is a really, really short verse. In fact, it is the shortest verse in the Bible. In context, Jesus saw Lazarus' family grieving for Lazarus' death, and wept with them. More context: Lazarus was risen from the dead, which Jesus, being all-knowing and sovereign God, would have known. That being said, there was no logical reason for Him to be upset! Except that he cared and felt the grief of the family. This shows how much God knows our hearts; even in knowing the joy that will come, He experienced the sadness and grief of Lazarus' family.

Why this is important: It is okay to be upset and have negative emotions, even as Christians who know there is a greater future ahead for us. Not only is it okay but God is intimately there with us, feeling our emotions, understanding our emotions, and waiting for us. Joy comes in the morning.

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