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Wednesday in the Word

Good evening everyone~

I feel like my days and perception of time is so weird, since I'm sleeping a lot during the day while my medication keeps me drowsy and knocked out, I'm trying my best to be as productive as I can be in the moments I'm awake. I don't have trouble with coughing while I sleep, so I'm not taking my cough medication at night, so I'm actually most awake at night. I feel like I've become an owl - is this how nocturnal creatures and beings view the world?

Today, I was going over Job 40 for my devotionals, and that ended up being a devotional on the entirety of Job. How spectacular is it that despite not knowing about God and Satan's conversation, Job remained faithful in blessing the Lord, and to utter: "Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked I shall return. The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD" Job: 1:21 He didn't even acknowledge Satan as a part of this horrendous loss, and instead, turns to God. He grieve, as he tore his clothing away and fell to his knees in prayer, but he recognizes that God is sovereign and in control of all things within his life. And even as Satan again tried to tempt him with illness, he says, "Shall we receive good from God, and shall we not receive evil?" Again, he does not even entertain Satan's temptation, and simply acknowledges that God allowed this to happen, and that he willing accepts such a fate.

In the conversation between his friends, Job spirals into depression, but even so, defends God. However, in his grief, he also questions God why it is that he is punished - is it by his own sin? As well as why the wicked can go unpunished while he's suffering so. First, he is rebuked by Elihu, and then by God Himself! Job 40 is a continuation of God's answer to Job's lengthy prayer and questioning of the mystery of God. In Job 39, God asserts Himself as all knowing and sovereign over each situation of every creature. In Job 40, he then asks Job what his grounds are for accusing and questioning God's intention. To this, Job has no answer, and God reminds him that he alone cannot do anything, and only through God is anything obtained - clothing, food, wealth. And as Job himself had mentioned previously, should we only receive good from God and nothing bad to happen? Even by the end of Job, Job does not ever find out about the conversations between God and Satan - and why would he? Simply in recognizing that God is good, and that there is purpose behind every circumstance should be sufficient in faith.

I was reflecting on this through the lens of the current status of the world. There's so much grief, anger, fear, and hate being spread all around. These are temptations from Satan, God doesn't create us for grieving lost souls, we weren't created to blame each other, nor were created to point fingers. We were created to fear God, not circumstances and people. God created us in love, and guides us lovingly. Whatever comes, come what may. God is still a good God, regardless of ending.

What are some ways that you feel you are lacking faith in that God is good?

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