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Wednesday in the Word

Good morning sunshine jellobeans,

I hope you've all had a great couple of weeks :) It has been a lot of fun on my end, from work travels for a major event to taking a 4 day weekend to retreat and rest from working overtime. I love that my workplace is very insistent about making sure we have a work-life balance, and despite hectic schedules, our director advocates for us to take a break.

Taking the four day retreat was such a treat, pun kind-of intended. I mentioned this during a discussion in seminary that Sabbath was one of the hardest practices for me - I'm so used to being a "GOGOGO" person, and to be honest, my industry doesn't quite discourage it by any means. Of course, there is value in being able to take initiative and "make things happen", but I very much need to learn more about setting boundaries and protecting my rest time.

As Palm Sunday inches its way closer, I find myself meditating more on Jesus' journey to Jerusalem. For me personally, I've always found the story of Palm Sunday so miraculous - how Jesus knew what awaited him in Jerusalem, yet He went. What thoughts must have swirled in his head when he told his disciples that they will head into Jerusalem?

“See, we are going up to Jerusalem, and everything that is written about the Son of Man by the prophets will be accomplished.” -Luke 18:31

I am someone who runs from rules and am very rebellious, so it is crazy to me how obedient Jesus is in following God the Father's will, to the point of walking into His own death trap. I also wonder how he must have felt, purposefully riding in humbly on a donkey, and having people wave palm branches to hail his arrival. He knew that the victory over the Roman empire in the minds of the people was not the victory He would bring; He knew that within the matter of five days, they would be cursing and ridiculing Him instead of praising him; He knew He would be nailed to the cross to die as a criminal and take on the sins of the world... yet He loved the world enough to follow through and step foot on Jerusalem.

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