2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Her Under $20! (Day 2)

Hello, hello! This is Day 2 of my 25 Days of Christmas series, where you can enter to win a giveaway to win a prize worth $250! Click here to read about the rules, and I wish you all luck!

I feel like the perfect way to start off this giveaway series is with a post on what you can give others. This year, I will be doing several Gift Guides for both "Her" and "Him". I decided to start off with the "Under $20" post, because it's perfect for those holiday shopping on a budget, and also those who want to gift multiple gifts to someone (Plus, this is probably the post I can relate to the most). Of course, the gifts that I am suggesting also come in different price points, and these are simply suggestions. If you have a larger budget, you can easily find an "upgraded" version of these gifts!

I have separated the gifts into different sections, but women usually tend to be a blend of different personas, and may even have some masculine preferences! By no means are these sections meant to set constraints as to what kind of friend can be gifted what, but to oversimplify the gift-buying process so that last minute shopping does not have to be so stressful.


We all know someone who is a beauty queen. They're not necessarily the next candidate for Miss Universe, nor are they necessarily the one who you think of when you ask the Magic Mirror for the fairest of all. However, this girl is the girl who loves the idea of pampering herself and making herself feel beautiful, because honestly, that's the most beautiful kind of beautiful of all.

Lotion set

You know your friend best, and you know what scents make them happy. What can be better than smelling the way she wants and taking care of her skin, all at once? Of course, some people can be picky about what kind of lotion they use, but let's be honest: she's not going to complain about having a yummy-smelling backup plan for when she runs out!

Bath and Body Work's - A Thousand Wishes Mini Gift Set $13.50

Body Shop - Pink Grapefruit Beauty Bag $15

(other scents available)

Kiehl's - Dry Relief Duo $16

Rollerball Perfume Sets

Personally, I do prefer rollerballs or travel-sized sprays much better than the actual bottle of perfume. While buying the large size is better in value, I like being able to carry around a small size so that I can reapply after a hot pot pig out sesh or a long plane ride. The best part is that in buying a set, you are able to gift your friend the gift of variety!

Juliette Has a Gun - Discovery Set $18

(sensual scents)

Chloe - Deluxe Mini Duo Set $20 (floral scents)

Atelier Cologne - Perfume Palette $18

(citrus-y scents)

Berdoues - Collection Grads Crus Croffet $19

(variety of individually packaged scents, good for splitting up for different people)

Nail Polish Set

The great thing about nail polish is that it acts as an accessory that you don't have to take off and reapply for a while. Personally, I think nail polishes are a great stocking stuffer for friends who like nail polish, because it's super fun to pick out the "right colour", and it's useful. It's small enough to not take up room, but it's also of a good enough value to not look cheap.

Deborah Lipman - Shining Star Ornament Nail Polish Set $19

essie - Gold Gilding Holiday Collection Nail Polish Set $12.99

Face Masks

Really, who can say no to getting some serious, easy pampering? Face masks come in packs as well as individually, so you can really customize this gift. You can even stock up on a lot of face masks and other pampering products to make a spa kit (or multiple spa kits)!

Que Bella - Face Mask Pamper Pack $9.99

Real Nature Face Masks 10/$20

(different "flavours" available)

Yes to -Ultimate Mask Kit $9.99

Bath Set Along the same lines of the face masks, wouldn't it be nice to have some nice bathing salts or bath bombs? It's relaxing, and if your friend is into taking baths, you are giving them the gift of winding down and resting! To be honest, I saw this bath bomb set in Target, and I just couldn't resist adding it to this list.

ME!Bath - Rudolph's Nose Bathbomb Set $6.99


To be completely honest, those who love dressing up can be picky about what clothes they get. It is probably safest to get them a gift card to their favourite store(s), so that they can shop on their own for a gift that they personally really like. However, I understand that sometimes, when we are on a low budget, it's easy to feel self conscious about being cheap, because we couldn't afford a gift card with a bigger value. Here are some accessory fun pieces that I think will be great to give to someone who is fashion-forward.

Crescent Moon Delicate Necklace $18

Crystal Celestial Lariat Necklace $20