Happy Sunday

Hello, my dear lovely readers~

Since the last time, I have officially moved into the city of Ls Angeles, and can finally take a breather. How have you all been? I hope all have been well :)

As I am typing this, I am slowly knocking out in a cafe. It's been a really eventful couple of months, with planning a couple proposals for friends and moving. It always feels great to see the fruits of our labour, and I can safely say that the proposals were a success, as well as moving! The two happy bride-to-bes were both surprised and excited in their own ways, and it always warms my heart to watch relationships head towards marriage :) It's always so heartwarming to watch my guy friends finally express their feelings in a cheesy, outwardly way, and celebrate how much the couples have grown together during the relationship. Each relationship is so weird and special and sweet in their own ways; I hope that on day I can plan larger scale proposals and weddings for others~

I'm also super proud of the design of my little 250 sq. ft. apartment. Who says watching Tiny Homes is a waste of time? :) Every bit of my apartment has been measured out to fit exactly, and I am really quite proud of the outcome. (Special thanks to the friends who helped me move in!) If you all would like, I can give a studio tour in a future post :)

I am currently slowly falling asleep at a cafe, so it's time for me to sign out for today. I'll be posting more often now that things are settling down, so I'll talk to you all soon!