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Autumn Lookbook

Hello from sunny SoCal, where Autumn is defined by the month of the year, and not so much the weather! I put together a little lookbook for you guys, and this was such a fun photoshoot! Please check out (IG) @xxuephoto of Xiaopan Xue Photography  because she is incredibly kind and talented! She does not make you feel awkward, and makes sure you look the best! 

Birthday Suit

Being a September baby, born right at the cusp of Autumn, I had to squeeze this one in. I love nudes during the Autumn months, because it's a great transition from the bright colours of the Summer to the darker tones of Winter. To represent my birthday, I went with this bodycon dress from Charlotte Russe with interesting crochet detailing. It's not really anything I'd wear on a normal day, but for her birthday, a girl can afford to be a little extra. My heels are from Just Fab, and I love how they are the definition of business-in-front-party-in-the-back! I love the delicate detailing, and how elegant they look. To match, I threw on some rose-gold jewelry, and called it a day. After all, it's my prerogative to be extra on my birthday :)

Fem Fatale

I'm not very feminine most of the time, but I can try. I chose to wear my pink-y nude pencil skirt from Banana Republic that I purchased centuries ago, and paired it with a fairly classic white lace tank for a feminine look. On top of this, I threw on a black leather jacket to spruce it up. I paired this look with some black booties and decided to call it a day. I think this blend of feminine and edgy is fun to rock during this season, since reflects this "in between" time. This is perfect for those of us in a more creative professional setting!

Autumn Rose

I recently got this jumpsuit from Stitch Fix, and I immediately fell in love! It is a little big, and I tried to exchange it for a smaller size, but they had run out. Thankfully, this style is pretty forgiving, and I am able to just tie the back to make it fit better. I love how this jumpsuit brings out the darker tones of Autumn and Winter with the navy blue stripes, but the pink flowers make this outfit so uplifting. Being super short means heels are a must, and you've seen these Just Fab chunky white wedges before during my San Francisco Outfit of the Weekend. I paired this outfit with a flowy white cardigan, since I'm in LA where summer is still shining bright! I love this outfit and I've worn it so many times that it's actually a little embarrassing.

Sweater Weather

For us in Socal, "Sweater Weather" is definitely much less cozy looking. We don't really need the many layers of huge chunky knits, and scarves are much more of an accessory than a necessity. I'm sure many of you saw that I broke out this EGGIE zip-up sweater in San Francisco last month, and it's back! I honestly love how this looks complete zipped up as a dress on its own, but layering is a necessity when it comes to Socal. Underneath, I decided to wear a cute graphic top with an edgy black skirt over a pair of textured tights. This way, I can still remove the sweater if it gets too hot in heater-enthusiastic places! For shoes, I was originally going to go with my clunky boots from Nine West, since the red matches the graphic on my shirt... but I left them in my car so I went with the black cut out booties. I love that this outfit looks great complete zipped up, with the zip open, and even without the jacket. 

Good Girl

Speaking of EGGIE, I fell in love with this white skirt on their website, and had to create an outfit around it. I french-tucked in a soft sweater, and decided to go for a preppier look by sliding into my old dark brown oxford heels. I got them from Kohl's for about $5 way back when, and I haven't grown out of them, so why not? I paired this outfit with some cute socks I got in Korea, which I felt like makes this look very preppy (in a good way). So how do you think this old woman pulled off this school girl look with a twist? *Yes, I know, the skirt is not on straight. Please use your imagination to pretend I am perfect at towel changing in public.

Good Girl Gone Bad

This look is definitely a contrast to the previous outfit. This outfit is a little bit more daring, and weather-wise, you can probably only get away with this here in LA. I decided to pair an EGGIE crop top with my high waisted shorts. I threw on a black belt to tie it all together. Overtop, I decided on a sweet, chunky knit to show that there is still a little bit of good girl in this outfit, For shoes, I stuck with my black booties to tie in the look.  

What are some of your favourite fall outfits? I'd love to know, so please share! Also, what are some of your favourite online shopping sites? :)

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. Please note I may get compensated through other social media platforms. Sometimes I am sent free items for PR, but it does not change my opinion of the pieces and how I would style them.  

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