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Come Home Safely (Day 6)

Day 6 is finally up! For more posts in this series, check out my  25 Days of Christmas  posts! To learn about how you can join this year's giveaway for a prize worth over $250, read the giveaway rules  here!

How many of you have been far away from home, and going home for the holiday seemed impossible?   Knowww it can be frustrating; I've been there. There is often someone waiting for us to come home even more than we want to get there. I hope this story can bring you a bit of warmth and company if you're feeling a little lonely and underappreciated. You are so, so loved♡


The lightly frosted windshield of her newly acquired Toyota made Sheila nervous. It was her first time making the 3 hour drive home from college. It wasn't supposed to be a hard drive at all, just a straight shooter on the highway, and a couple blocks from the exit would be home. However, the snow began falling early this year. Figures. It would be snowing the first time she decided to drive home. Defeated, Shiela turned on her blinkers and pulled over. It would be useless to try and make the drive if she were to not make it. That would defeat the whole purpose of driving home for Christmas!

"Mom, don't know what time I'll get home. Pulled over cuz of snow. Txt you when I'm omw again." 

"Honey, just come home safely. We'll be waiting for you."

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