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Happy Thanksgiving

Sunset represents the ending of the day, but with every sunset, a sunrise will follow -- a new beginning. 

The sun is beginning to set on 2017, and as we begin to look towards 2018, it's almost impossible not to look back and reflect.

2017 has been filled with so many special moments... So many special people who have changed my life and made my heart beat with motivation. 2017 is a year of pretty incredible stories, both heartwrenching and beautiful. I have learned so much about myself, what it means to fall in love, how to love, heartbreak, family, friendship, and giving. My heart has been bruised and mended, broken and filled -- despite not being completely happy at this very moment, I am joyful because my heart is full. I am so blessed with some of the most amazing people in my life -- people who pray for and with me, cry for me, laugh with me, and love on me. 

Of course, my greedy heart wants and wishes and desires so much more, but I'm slowly learning to praise God in the hard moments, because they are perfect to His Will and His Plan. I may never know what goes on "behind the scenes", and why some things just have to happen the way they are. In the eyes of the world, I may have every right to feel bitter, and truth be told, I am. There are many regrets and bitterness eating away at my heart, but that is something that I need to get healing from through God, and I need to wait for his timing. If not 2017, then maybe 2018. 

Change is in the horizon -- Change that I'm afraid of. Change that breaks my heart. But that's nothing too new; our hearts are broken so they can be healed. 2018, come at me. The cold storms may be coming, but my heart is warm, and strengthened by 2017. As to 2017, I am bitter and hurt, but thank you for the lessons you've taught me. Because of you, I am stronger and ready for 2018; I'll be ready to fight into the dawn and through the day.

Probably not quite the super-heartwarming Thanksgiving post you were expecting... I wasn't really expecting myself to write something so dark, either. Regardless, happy thanksgiving with your loved ones♡ the right people may show up in your life at the wrong time, so treasure each moment you have with everyone without fear holding you back. That fear will only create regrets. Love without anything holding you back. Don't filter your words of love, only filter words of hate. Don't filter your actions with fear of shame, in the end you'll feel more ashamed of what you could've, but didn't do. 

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