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Just a little update

Hello! I hope everyone is having a great long weekend~ Weekends are definitely a time to wind down, relax, and just catch up with the important things in life that do not revolve around school, work, and similar crazy things.

Unfortunately, when you're in the hospitality/service industry, long weekends are your long days, haha. :) But that's okay, I am enjoying making the most of these days, spending time creating fun because life is too short to sit around and wait for fun. It has been a rather turbulent month, but it has been full of so many blessings. As the month draws to an end, I can't help but smile as I scroll through the pictures over the course of the past four weeks. I am so blessed to have friends who treat me like family, and friends who make the most difficult situations slightly more okay.

I can make this a post about how strong my friends are, and how amazing they are, and compare them to the soldiers that risk their lives every day for us, but that would be an insult. There is no comparison that can be made for the fights my friends fight each and every day of their lives, and there is even LESS comparison to our brave men and women who defend our nation. Regardless of whether you are anti-war, anti-military, or anti-everything... you cannot deny that the courage and love that our soldiers actively display to protect you and I. Thank you, not just for one day, but for all the time that you have and will serve, and for the future you bring to us. To our brave men and women, I salute.

And lastly, I'm just dropping by for a quick blog update: As you can probably tell, I haven't really been travelling much as of late. Partly that is because I was sick for a bit, but also because work has been sending me to places with very short layovers, and I haven't really had time to explore beyond grabbing a meal. :) If you want me to start doing short vlogs regardless of how short it is, let me know~ I will be more than happy to make them~ My phone will enjoy the short vlogs much more, too ;) I'm still looking into getting a vlogging camera, and I'm slowly doing my research and saving up :) I am hoping to get one before I head off to Japan for my birthday, so that I can give you a quality vlog of my days there, so stay tuned~ I'm superduper excited, and I hope you are too. :)

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