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Luxe Gifts for Her (Day 14)

Hello! Well, slowly but surely, I am catching up on my blog posts for this year's 25 Days of Christmas series. Make sure you check out the 25 Days of Christmas giveaway to find out how you can win a gift worth over $250! Plus, the secret word for this year is "ornament", so head on over to the post to see what to do with the secret word!

This is the "Her" version of my last set of gift guides this year!

Okay, so I'm just going to list some luxe items that can be useful and appreciated by many women. Not all women think the same way, want the same things, nor need the same things, but if there is someone you want to spoil (or you somehow came across way too much money and would like to spend it all), here it is. 1 Month Rent Paying someone's rent is probably one of the sweetest things you can do. I am being completely serious. My sister and I are both living away from home, and we both agree that if someone had somehow come across the extra cash for luxury gifting, we would honestly prefer if s/he spent money on our rent rather than anything else on the rest of this list. If you're going to spend that ridiculous amount of money anyways, save our wallets and keep a roof over our heads, please. If not rent, student loans would work, too.

Purse/bag Purses and bags are useful because a girl can (almost) never have enough. They're not just accessories, but They're useful, and different occasions call for a different type of bag. But please be careful when gifting a luxury bag/purse, and keep in mind the person you are buying this for. This can backfire if she usually doesn't use luxury items, because she can be too afraid to take it out, and be paranoid of scratching it, getting mugged, etc.

Laptop I have friends who definitely need to update their electronics. If you have the budget to help a someone upgrade their 5 year old laptop, then do it!

Maybe you're purchasing for someone who has graduated, hence no longer need a bulky laptop, and would prefer something lighter, but still with a keyboard; opt for an iPad pro!

And of course, any of the items mentioned in my other gift guides would work, as well. There are different price points for all products, and to be honest, "more expensive" doesn't necessarily mean better. It's about what the person you're gifting to wants, needs, and would appreciate. :)

Happy gifting!

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