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New Years Resolutions 2024


Wow, multiple posts from Sharon within a couple of weeks? I am working on it, I promise (I know I promise every time). As I am hoping to be posting more consistently and rebuild my community here, I also hope I have your help and accountability to help me reach my goals for this year:

  1. Be more engaged with people - I've been living rather reclusively these past months while being busy with work and adjusting to marriage, but I think it is important to get out there!

  2. Rebrand this blog - I've had this blog for YEARS, and it's undergone quite a few hiatus since I've quit being a flight attendant. Timing was definitely one thing, but I think I've also grown quite a bit and out of what this blog once was. I just paid for a 3 year extension for this website, and I plan to use it wisely - please pray for me to not procrastinate and/or lose motivation.

  3. Relaunch UNASHAMED - as per my last post, I decided to postpone the next season as I was pondering through and working through some thoughts on politics, as I did not want to be insensitive to the ongoing world affairs. I will be relaunching it in 2024! Please keep me accountable for making consistent uploads!

  4. EXERCISE more!- they call it "fortune" weight when you gain weight during a relationship, and I definitely have gained quite a bit of weight since meeting my husband. A part of it was that I recovered from a nasty bout of illness, so my weight yoyo-ed up, but also, I just haven't been exercising all that much.

  5. Learn a new skill and/or get a new cert! - PMP? Maybe more coding? We shall see!

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