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Swans A-Swimming (Day 8)

The second week of my 25 Days of Christmas series has officially begun! Today has been a great, long day, and tomorrow is supposed to snow, so I'm super duper excited!

Edit: I had gotten home really late and I couldn't get the Wix app to upload my photos, due to spotty WiFi. I tried to wait it out, but ended up knocking out instead... Oops.

Anyhow, if this is your first time to my blog, welcome! Please go to my post about my 2017 25 Days of Christmas Giveaway to learn about how you can win a prize of over $250~

I know that Swans A-Swimming sounds a lot more like a story for yesterday (because on the 7th day of Christmas my true love gave me to 7 swans a-swimming, get it?), but I think it's more appropriate to write a story about what happened yesterday. Or supposedly, yesterday. This story is rather cheesy, but I wanted to include something for those who feel discouraged because of something beyond our own control. We all have wishes and dreams that sometimes come to an abrupt end (or are postponed), and this is just a little reminder that it's alright. There are still other heartwarming moments that can make our hearts continue beating.


"I wish I could be as beautiful as them!" Jenny gazed wistfully at the stage of ballerinas, pirouetting and effortlessly jeté-ing across the floor.

"You are!" Sam exclaimed.

"I wish I could dance like them, then," Jenny huffed.

"You can, and you will," Sam reassured, wrapping his arm around her.

The couple watched the rest of the ballet in silence -- Jenny followed every movement of her fellow cast members, no, ex- fellow cast members. It has been about half a year since her freak accident. A wayward cart at the market had somehow run loose, and was headed towards a child. Reflexes pushed her forth to step in front of the child to block the crash, but hurt her leg. Though the prognosis was positive, the leg was simply not going to be the same as before, and she wasn't able to continue her role as a swan in this year's Christmas production of Swan Lake, or maybe even any production hereon after. Still, after months of physical therapy, her leg would randomly give out on her, and was pretty much useless in helping her balance en pointe. In that one moment, years of... everything seemed to go down the drain. Every moment spent perfecting her poise and being over-aware of the placement of every body part... the structure all those years of discipline had built came crashing down and crushed her world. She was on her way to becoming a principle dancer! How could she suddenly live without all the rules of ballet?

"It was a nice show," Sam offered as the two stepped out of the theatre.

"Yes, it was," Jenny smiled lightly.

"You don't have to do this to yourself, you know. There are other things in life than ballet."

"Other things in life? Of course I do, but not for me. Do you know how much money my family spent to put me through years of training? How much time I dedicated to practicing? I lived, breathed, and danced ballet my whole life. You can never understand."

"You're right, I can't understand fully, but I can empathize. Jenny, no one understands anyone 100%."

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean it that way," Jenny said, softly. "I'm just... I want to dance. I'm scared I won't be able to anymore. I'm scared I'll have to go through surgery and still end up disappointed."

"It'll be okay."

"Okay," Jenny reluctantly agreed.

"I have something for you," Sam said, reaching for a large red box in the glove compartment. "Before I forget, open it."

"Two... crystal swans?"

"They're you and I. They're fragile and they look great together."

"So you think you and I look great together?" Jenny confusedly looked at Sam.

"Well, yes, but I meant that you are fragile and vulnerable because you're afraid you can't dance anymore, but, you're a damn good dancer. Paired with me, who is in perfect physical health, but can't dance well, we're great!"

"Is... that a poor attempt at making me feel better?" Jenny laughed. "It shouldn't work, but it's funny,"

"Well, I mean... if your leg doesn't get fully better, that's fine. You just dance and look good and I'll be there with you, every step of the way, making sure you don't fall. We'll be the perfect partners."

"I mean- ...Is this...?" Jenny stuttered, looking at Sam's sincere expression.

"Yes. I'm asking you to be my partner... forever. My dance partner. My life partner. My--"

"YES!" Before Sam could even finish, Jenny wrapped her arms around him tightly, "Yes, yes, and yes."

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