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25 Days of Christmas

It's the last day of November, and then we're into Decemberrrrr! Which means that I will be posting every single day about something Christmas or Winter related! Hurray for that~

And not only that, but you have a chance to win a gift! The winner will be getting this gorgeous Kate Spade New York Blake Avenue Hilo Small Backpack and Fossil Tailor Multifunction Light Brown Leather Watch mailed out to him/her.

PLUS, you will be getting a free $20 voucher for my shop!

And... I may be adding a bit of little extras into your package ;)

I originally had bought the Kate Spade backpack to replace my retiring Calvin Klein, but I figured I have enough bags to get me through, and I wanted to show appreciation for my amazing friends here online :) I love backpacks, and they are very versatile. As you can tell, I still have the styrofoam thingy attached, as proof of its new-ness. I have always been a big fan of Fossil watches, and I think that this simple and elegant watch will be great for one of you, so I hope you enjoy your Christmas gift, from me to you!

For a closer look, here are the company pictures of the products for you to look at:

This giveaway is open internationally, and I will contact you on December 26th, 2016! I will be randomly selecting a winner from my subscribers! I am officially closing the giveaway December 25th, 2016 midnight EST, so if you have not subscribed by then, you will not be entered, However, the good news is that you will be entered into any other giveaway that I will have! :)

The entry into this giveaway is actually very simple: You MUST be subscribed to my blog! You can subscribe by going to my home page and entering your E-Mail under "Subscribe!". I do not send spam for every time I post on my blog, so don't worry! For extra entries, you can:

1. Follow my Instagram

2. Reblog my giveaway photo tagging with the hashtag #ssewan25days (Limit 5x)

3. Follow my bloglovin'

4. Like my blog on Facebook

5. Buy something from my store

Without further ado, I will talk to you all later! <3

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