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A really late post (Day 10)

Hello, there!

Yes, it is now the thirteenth of December, and I am posing for Day 10. My friend left, and I was honestly feeling really under the weather, to the point where getting out of bed was a bit of a struggle. I literally rotted in bed for the past few days, which means I wasn't able to post, unfortunately. I did get in a lot of rest, and I'm feeling much more energized today, albeit still not in my best condition. I thank you in advance for your understanding <3

If you're new here and have absolutely no idea what I'm apologizing for, take a look at my 25 Days of Christmas series! For more information about the giveaway itself that is happening, please read the 25 Days of Christmas Giveaway post. :)

I hope you've all been doing a little better than I have. I think the snow and weather got to me, especially because yours truly is a California girl through and through. East Coast weather and I are not best buds yet, though snow is quite beautiful. Just to keep this a bit of an easy day for catching up, I am posting a short story for Day 10 :) I hope you don't mind!


The Sunset

"Almost, almost, ALMOST....awwwww," Shawna moaned as Joe missed the stuffed bear, again. "We almost got it."

"It's okay," Joe said with a laugh, "Maybe next time. Are you thirsty?"

Shawna nodded, "A little bit."

"Let's go grab a couple hot chocolates and just relax on one of the benches. It's been a long day for both of us."

Shawna blushed, doesn't Joe realize how romantic it all is? Especially with hot chocolate? Chocolate is an aphrodisiac, doesn't he know? "Okay."

"The cafe just a few blocks down is known for their hot chocolate, let's go," Joe said, wrapping his arm around Shawna to pull her along.


Shawna switched off holding the cup with one hand and both hands -- it was much warmer holding the cup with both hands, but... what if Joe wanted to hold her hand? she had to leave at least one of them free sometimes, right?

"Hey, let's sit here," Joe said as they reached a peculiar bench with two seats facing each other.


"It looks kind of weird, but we can see and hear each other well."

"Oh, okay," Shawna pulled her jacket a little closer. The hot chocolate had cooled down by now, and the disappointment of not sitting next to Joe made her feel a little colder, too.

"The sun is setting just about now, it's actually really nice," Joe offhandedly commented as the two took their seats.

"Yeah, it's beautiful," Shawna said softly, her hopes being crushed by the minute. It wasn't so much that Joe had ever made his feelings clear, but... she had hoped that all his little actions over the past months meant that he liked her. Didn't he? He did drive an hour to see her today... but he seemed to treat her like the stuffed bear at the claw machine: something he wanted, but really wouldn't be flustered if he didn't get it. Meanwhile, she had spent over an hour getting ready for this "date", and over analyzed every little movement and suggestion. Maybe he just likes hot chocolate and sunsets, Shawna thought bitterly, sipping at her drink.

"I love Christmastime," Joe said, "everything is so..."

"Heartwarming?" Shawna offered.

"Yeah. Everything's lit up, everyone's smiling, it's different. Makes you kinda think."

Shawna just smiled at his statement, I thought that today would be a little different.

"Something wrong?"

"No, just... admiring the sunset," Shawna replied. Yes, I thought you were going to hold my hand and ask me out.

"I think the sunset is better on my side, do you want to come on my side?" Joe squeezed himself to one side of his seat, motioning for Shawna to join him.

"I...okay," Shawna smiled shyly. After she settled into her new seat, Joe slowly interlaced his fingers with hers.

"I told you so, it's better here."

"You're right. It is more beautiful on this side."

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