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DAY 25!


If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then you are missing out! I am doing a giveaway worth over $300, and all you have to do is SUBSCRIBE. How? Go to my HOME page and enter your e-mail! I don't spam, I pinky promise. For more information, click HERE to go to my original blog post!

I actually had to work super early today, so I had no breakfast. In fact... I don't think I ate today. Unless you count breakfast in bed. Say hello to my cozy blanket which keeps my bed warm, and the air I guess I swallowed while I snore? Bahaha.

I have tomorrow off, so yes, I will be posting tomorrow with the WINNER. just a few minutes left to subscribe!

But I'd love to take the time to go ahead and thank all who have joined this family :) I know some of you put in multiple e-mails, so I am not actually as popular as I pretend to be, but thank you so much for making this the biggest giveaway I've had! I know it kind of sucks that your chances of winning might have gone down because word has reached more people, but this actually gives me motivation (and the opportunity) to do even more giveaways! So thank you for over 500 entries over this past month <3 I love you all for your support! For those of you who are curious, I am putting down all of the entries on an excel spread sheet, and then I will click "randomize". I will then go to to randomly choose a number, and that will be whoever wins :) I will be putting up screen shots (with blurs to keep identities private don't worry), so you are in the loop with whoever wins! If the winner is from Instagram, I will check to make sure that you have subscribed to my website, btw! ***

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