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Direction and Travel Photography

As some of you may remember, I separated my personal and blog Instagrams. The reason for that was because I was afraid of the reaction I would get, and I felt ashamed. At the time, I only had about a hundred followers and I would get only a few reactions and comments on my blog posts. I made about three connections and most of them were not active bloggers. My blog at the time was still mostly a personal blog and didn't really have much of a focus. I liked doing fashion and skincare posts, but I didn't really have the equipment to deliver on a regular basis.

When I became a flight attendant, my equipment became even more simplified, as I didn't have a budget or room space for extra clothes and skincare and make up products. I have been hoping to do a post on minimalized living essentials, but to be honest, it's kind of hard when you share a living space with a bunch of other people. Plus, never being home also kind of makes it hard. I found I needed to change directions for where my blog was going. I needed the extra income; at this point, my blog paid for an average of maybe half a meal per month?) That wasn't going to be enough.

It began with just taking photos wherever I went. As a silly person that just wants to be a cat, the world is full of wonder and photoworthy moments. A photo cannot capture everything, but it does imprint a memory onto photo paper. With an occupation like a flight attendant, there are just too many things I want to document. I started posting some of my travel photos on my personal Instagram, only with some simple hashtags. They were far more popular than the photos on my blog Instagram. When I was approached by a travel agency to use my photo (posted on ny personal IG), I finally made then decision to suck it up, do away with, and use my personal IG for my blog as well. Best decision so far! Though it still isn't a big money maker, it has expanded my reach, and I have been approached with a few more opportunities regarding travel phtography. It has helped up revenue for my blog, but it's definitely still not in a place where it provides sufficient funds to aide my current income.

Please pray for me in finances so I can continue to travel through this ill-paying job that I love, as well as pursue my interests in psychiatry, writing, and film. And as per request, I will have the printable academic calendars out by June (hopefully early June, but that really depends on my schedule). There will be a cat themed one, a floral themed one, and a minimalist one :) so stay tuned♡

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