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Frankfurt #2

Hello there! It's been a few days since I've last updated, and I am completely worn out. I have been travelling a lot (for work), but to be honest, none of my layovers were really long enough to vlog about. I am sure you might remember my last (failed) vlog about Frankfurt, and I was given a chance to go again~

To be completely honest, I didn't really enjoy Frankfurt all that much last time. If you read my post and watched my vlog about it, you might have kinda gotten a gist of it. While Frankfurt, Germany itself is beautiful, my experience wasn't really all that great. I was really upset that I was assigned (last minute) to go to Frankfurt again, because of my poor experience last time.

Like the last time, I was really tired, and I just needed to sleep. Unfortunately, also like last time, the room was way too hot to fall asleep. I propped open the window, hoping the chilly Spring air would cool down the room, but my room was facing a schoolyard. I could not sleep a wink. I was beyond frustrated-- tired and grumpy, I went to eat dinner with my crew members (not photographed due to legalities of putting their faces online), grabbed some snacks from the convenience store, and wallowed in the misery of not being able to sleep.

Finally, at about 1am, I decided I was just going to work on revamping my blog for the Spring (how do you like the new colour scheme?). At 5am, I went downstairs to do a bit of exercising and got murdered by Blogilates workouts. After a quick shower, I decided to go back down to the river to catch the sunrise. Here are a few pictures (that I'm sure you've also seen on my IG: @s_sewan).

In conclusion: Frankfurt is definitely a beautiful place, and I don't mind coming here for personal vacation and as a photography destination. However, as a layover, it certainly isn't the best. I needed rest to work, and this was not the place to find physical rest. I was a grumpy cat, and yet God still blessed me with such beautiful views of the city. I will definitely come again, though I will stay far from the hotel I was put in. For security, legal, and occupational purposes, I cannot publicly disclose to you what hotel I was in, but please make sure you find a hotel that does not have complaints about a lack of A/C and heater when you come! I do definitely recommend you come here to experience the great thing that Frankfurt does have to offer! The food here is definitely bombdiggity, and so long as you stay in safe areas walking around is great! The weather is nice this time of the year, and the river is definitely a view you want to see. If you watched my vlog, the market area is also fluorishing with life and great architecture if you're into the same nerdy things that I am B)

Anyhow, until next time! I am hoping to go to somewhere floral-ly... wish me luck!

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