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Get Lost With Me: Germany

Hello! So the Germany trip started out as a big fail: I had gotten the trip the night before, and I tried to stay up, but was trapped in a blizzard, and ended up staying over at a friend's place. As the trip started in the evening, I wanted to stay up as late as I could... but I also had to respect the fact that my friend had an early check in, so #fail. I finally got back to my apartment early in the morning, but alas, I could not fall back asleep. By the time our super delayed flight took off, I was ready to knock out :(

And so I did. After we arrived at the hotel, of course. It would be dangerous if I fell asleep mid-flight! Anyhow, once I got to the hotel, I took off my face and fell asleep, face first on the pillow. I don't know how I stayed alive for the two hours that I fell asleep, because it was sweltering hot in that hotel! Anyhow, I was awoken by an evacuation bell, and the flight attendant in me took over. I grabbed my key, phone, and wallet, and dashed down through the emergency exit stairway. By the time I got to the bottom, I fully awoke, and realized that no one else had evacuated. At this point, I was trapped between a locked door (going up), and an emergency door which would sound the alarms. I did not want to exit the emergency exit if the evacuation was a false alarm, so I freaked out for a bit. I banged on the door, but no one came to get me. Finally, I realized that there is a THIRD door, which led me to the lobby. I asked the concierge if it was a false alarm, and he apologized. Apparently they had made a PA that it was a false alarm, but the PA system was broken on the fifth floor (where my room was). They had gone door to door to tell everyone that everything was okay, but because I had up the "Do Not Disturb" sign, they skipped me.

Anyhow, I returned to my room, and realized it was way too warm to go to sleep, so I decided I might as well shower and head out to explore a bit. So, here is an artistic compilation of video clips that would be a lie to call a vlog. Hope you guys don't get dizzy, because they're all panoramic shots...

And then I got super lost and was much more interested in finding my way back. I did take a few pictures on my journey to the hotel, but I didn't really vlog much, other than updates about my whereabouts. I usually wouldn't freak out so much about being lost, but our hotel was located in a bit of a rough neighborhood, and I was advised by multiple people to return before dark. If you want to see the sunset, I posted a mini vid on my IG @s_sewan. I ended up being lost for 3 hours and asked about 6 people for directions. A few were kind enough to pull up Google Maps to help me out :) I ended up grabbing a bit of food from the convenience store across the street, rested a bit, went to the gym, took a shower, and finally propped open the window for a breather, and knocked out.

How often do you guys get lost? :) Maybe one day we can get lost together (while we don't have to worry about getting back to a hotel by a certain time)!

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