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Gifts for Her $50-$200 (Day 12)

Hello, I'm finally coming back at you with a continuation of my gift guides! There's just a few days left before Christmas (time really does fly, doesn't it?), so let's get cracking on the wrapping! BUT before we head into our gift guide, if you have no idea what this "Day 12" thing is referring to, check out my 25 Days of Christmas series! You can also enter to win my 25 Days of Christmas Giveaway, so make sure you have subscribed to my website!


She is a mature woman who doesn't really need "extra" things. Keep your gift classic, simple, and useful. Of course, there are also the moms who would just prefer cash or a visa gift card... So that works, too.

Skincare is important because as women age, our skin loses elasticity and firmness. Not all women strive to look forever 21, but no woman will say no to looking younger!

Give your mother/mother-in-law a spa pack to relax and soak up this holiday season! It's a great way to say thank you for taking care of and raising you and/or your spouse.

A tote is useful, and in a classic black or nude colour, it is bound to match all her outfits. She can put all her necessities inside, without worrying it won't fit. Try to find one with multiple compartments so her things don't get lost in the bag abyss!

On the other hand, some middle-aged / older women may prefer smaller bags and carry almost nothing and dress in darker colours. Give them a small purse with a surprise pop of colour so that they can look and feel bright and chic all year 'round~


She's the one! Whether it's your brain in honeymoon-mode or you truly know she's the one, your girlfriend is one of the most important women in your life. Every couple is different, but every couple has a story. Gift her something sentimental and represents your relationship. However, if you have run out of sentimental ideas, here are a few classic ones you can get her!

Perfume is so personal, because it's her scent. Maybe she has a favourite, or there's a scent that reminds you of her. Either way, it lets get know you love her scent.

Okay, so rings are a little tricky. If you think she is expecting you to pop the question, don't give her a ring unless you plan to ask. However, that being said, rings represent promise, even if it's not yet marriage. There are many rings that do not necessarily represent engagement, and you can get her one to show your commitment. Maybe even opt for coupe rings and match, if you're into that kind of stuff.

Along the same lines as jewelry, a charm bracelet is always cute. She'll be able to look back at the different charms and remember things about your relationship, and you can keep adding onto it as you make new memories together.

Couple's massages are a cute, sensual way of gifting a getaway. Maybe you can gift this early and go during the Christmas weekend, or gift it on Christmas to plan in the future! *This gift will also work great for newly wed or engaged couples! *Not pictured due to this being a location specific gift


This time of year is the best time to thank the friends who have been there for you and drove you home when you got super drunk after getting dumped. These are the sane friends who laughed at you when you tripped over nothing and landed face first in a pile of doggy dung, but helped you clean up anyways. Ah, friends are lovely people.

Friendship necklaces/bracelets seem so 90's first grade classroom, but I personally think it's cute. Upgrade the braided string with dainty, classic pieces that subtly show off the bond you have!

Maybe you're that heterosexual guy who really does just have a platonic relationship with a heterosexual girl. Your friendship is dorky and you can talk about anything and everything, and you'd totally date her if there's a spark, but there just isn't, and she agrees. Congratulations, sir, you have found the golden friendship and balance. For this friend, give her something special, but will not cross the line: concert or sports tickets. Of course, the price depends on which artist/game you buy for, but you're gifting her a night of fun! Plus, depending on the tickets you buy, you may be able to afford 3 so that another friend can "chaperone", leaving no room for suspicion of your platonic-ness. *Not pictured.

Regardless of whom you're getting a gift for, I hope that it's not only something that makes the other person happy, but that the joy of giving can overflow in your heart :) More to come in a jiff!

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