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Gifts for Him $50-$200 (Day 13)

Hello there! Please remember to check out the rest of my 25 Days of Christmas series, as well as the 25 Days of Christmas Giveaway to learn how you can win a prize of over $250!

Finally, the next gift guide is up! Personally, I think men are a little harder to shop for, because there are so many things to gift~ I hope you find this gift guide helpful! Father/Father in law My father's definitely the gift card kind of father. He's super finicky about what money is spent on, and after years of buying him gifts that he says aren't worth the value, I've decided it's easier to just give him money to buy himself a gift. Here are some gifts he has given himself. Watch I don't really understand why he got a watch, since he's always either super early or super late to everything. It feels like a watch is the last thing someone who is never on time would get, but hey, it is a nice gift. I love these new ones from Fossil (okay I just love Fossil watches in general), because they can link to your phone, but have the clean, classic look of an analogue watch!

Wallet My father doesn't really upgrade anything until my mother yells at him, and she finally unleashed her few year's worth of frustration over his beat up wallet. (It was really bad. He had a rubber band to keep the pieces of the wallet together) I don't know if your father/father-in-law is the same way, BUT, I'm sure he will appreciate a new way to carry around his cards and change!

Man-Purse Men need somewhere to put things, too! I honestly will never understand why men either put everything in their pockets, hence having their jeans weighed down, or carry around a mostly-empty school backpack. There simply HAS to be a middle ground . My father finally got a man purse, and it's been so helpful, and I think it's a much more handsome look.

Boyfriend I'm personally a huge romantic, and I love giving gifts to someone who means a lot to me. Though gift giving ranks the lowest in my love languages, it's sometimes one of the only ways I can express love from afar. Body Pillow If you're someone who lives far away from your significant other, or maybe your schedules clash a lot, maybe a body pillow! It's comfortable, and functional! I know that most photos show body pillows being used by women as a pregnancy pillow, but I think men would also appreciate a nice snuggle. Dress the pillow in one of your pajama tops, and spray your signature perfume on it. If you have the budget to, you can buy the body pillow multiple tops and spray them, too. That way you can always be by their side.

Grooming kit Guys can get lazy when it comes to caring about their looks sometimes, but they need to have equipment ready for special dates! This way you can make sure your man looks good for Instagrammable photos for the new year (and Valentine's day will be around the corner, too!)

Friend Guy friends are special. Of course, if you're a guy reading this, then your relationships with your guy friends may be different from mine, but that doesn't make them any less special. For me personally, I mostly had male friends up until college, so I've spent all my life mainly buying gifts for guys. Gag Gift Something I love giving my guy friends is a gag gift. To be honest, as a woman, I am a little more cautious of what I get my guy friends, because I don't want to cause any misunderstandings for other people. As well as I and my friends know we are "just friends", I would hate to be a subject of jealousy from their significant others, or even pique jealousy from my own. I dont think its the best idea to splurge on these friends, but if you have the budget, or this friend is your extra-close best friend, here are some pretty cool gag gifts that aren't too personal, but are bound to be loved anyways. Badly Named cologne Remember how Mike asked Sulley for nasty sounding cologne? Well, let your friend know he's a one eyed googly monster by giving him some cologne that sounds absolutely... odd.

Blow up doll (RATED R, NO PIC) Okay, so depending on your friendship, this could be either a horrible gift, or a perfectly good gag gift. You don't have to know if he uses it or not. It's silly how guys are supposed to be able to tap anyone to seem manly, but hey, plenty of guys aren't really getting any. A Little Extra So let's say there's a guy friend you're interested in, but you aren't sure if he's interested in you, and you're too shy to ask. For this friend, you can get him something a little bit more personal to maybe give him a little nudge if he feels the same way. Good luck! ;) Cologne Get him a cologne with a note saying, "This is my favourite cologne, I hope yoi like it! I think it matches you." If he starts wearing it all the time, then heyheyheyyyyy ;)

If he already smells perfect, then get him a watch. I know I already mentioned watches in this post, but hear me out. Watches are something that can be worn every day, so he can be reminded of you, no matter what time it is. If you're brave, you can ask him out with a note saying, "I think it's time we get to know each other better." For a more subtle-but-still-brave approach, "I think about you all the time", works too.

Regardless of whom you're shopping for , I hope that this gift guide gives you a bit of inspiration! Don't forget to check out my other gift guides in this series, because all gifts can be found in different price ranges, and maybe you'll get inspiration from those other posts! I have one more set of gift guides to this series, so stay tuned!

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