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Hello, hello

It's been a couple of busy weeks, and I hope everyone is has been enjoying their last weeks at school and/or summer! Whew, you guys sure make the airline business an insane industry to be in, haha.

I took my own little mini-vacation away from everything on my days off, and it was much, much needed. But let's be honest, vacations are busy, too. There was a lot of travelling and scheduling going on, and I must say, I'm kind of glad to be back on call and at work. I can kind of predict what is next, haha. Just... kind of.

On the bright side, I do have some exciting things for you all soon~ I know it's been a really, really long time since I've done any fashion/beauty posts... if you followed me on my other website; if you're a new follower, you haven't seen any fashion/beauty posts at all. I will be posting one very very soon, and I had so much fun shooting it with my dear friend :)

If you're following my instagram @s_sewan, then you probably also saw a bit of my vacation. I did some hiking, going to a water park for the first time, spent some time with my friend's kids, and just trying to adult. I kind of fail at them all, but it's okay.

Update on calendars: I know, I know. I'm sorry. I am almost done with the Cat calendar, and I will also have up a generic one that you can print to your own delight and fill in for years to come. I'll let you know ASAP once that is out and on sale :)

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