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Just a mini update :)

Meow <3

How is everyone so far? :) I hope 2017 has been kind.

It's been quite the adventurous week! Full of weddings and friends and travel :D

To be completely honest, it has been great just taking a break from everything. From work, blogging, and creating. It was nice being able to grab dinner (very yummy dinner) with friends and also catching up with people that mean a lot to me.

Yes, this means I am in California***

I had an honest talk with someone. It was really hard. Really, really hard, because I am afraid of being laughed at, or looked down upon. I'd like to think that person isn't that way, but it didn't make it easier. And he was kind and asked questions, and took what I said seriously. That was nice :) It was nice just knowing that my words hold a bit of weight.

I went to a really important wedding.

I was kind of there in the beginning, and I can LITERALLY say I was one of the very few who saw it coming. #proudmoment HAHA. I love the two of them so much, and one of the most amazing things about their relationship is how Christ-led it is. I hope I can have a relationship like that. And... part of me knows what that entitles, and sadly, a large part of me isn't quite ready to accept it. Welps, I guess that just means I'm not ready for marriage!

At the wedding, I saw a lot of my close friends, as well as friends I haven't seen in a million years. (An exaggeration, of course.) It was so nice to have the chance to reconnect with people. It disappointed me that certain people were still very much too involved in their clique, but it really was their loss :)

I got to watch a super scary movie (fine, he watched and listened) with a really close friend of mine. It was nice, walking around Hollywood afterwards, and then have dinner with my ex-coworker. It is so special to have friendships that last beyond distance and age :) Plus, my ex-coworker brought her baby, so we just kind of went gaga from there.

From there, I've been able to hang out with a few more friends and eat lots of yummy food, and it really makes me sad that my time here in California is coming to a close soon 3:

But alas, it's been a great time to just let loose, and really enjoy what God has blessed me with; it's about time for me to start getting on my grind again :)

Talk to you all soon <3

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