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Hello! It is my birthday today, and I thought I'd go ahead and be silly on my blog today and do some quizzes to see how closely aligned I am to my "predestined" profile.

For those of you who don't know, there are lots of ways that your personality can be "guessed" by people who somehow know your birthday, but do not know you well enough to have their own perception of you.

So today, let's see how Virgo I am! This quiz tells me to check all that apply (or in this case, bold): You're addicted to your day planner/calendar. You're very health conscious. You experience bouts of hypochondria. Your home is very organized. You enjoy cleaning and completing chores. You have a fragile ego. You're a perfectionist. You don't like to do things you're not good at. You're very competitive and a bit of a sore winner. You're shy about new situations. You are susceptible to fad diets and exercise trends. You're a picky eater. You can be critical of your friends. You're extremely reliable as an employee. You have a keen intuition. You would do anything for the people you love.

You enjoy having a fixed routine.

You're frequently called upon to clean up other people's messes (literal and figurative).

In a relationship you are very romantic.

You put everything you have into a relationship.

You like to take the lead in home decoration.

You're great at small talk.

You don't like being spontaneous.


You checked off 14 out of 23 on this list!

You're a fairly typical Virgo, though you may vary from your compatriots in a few ways. You're probably organized (at least on some level), and you have great style.

I definitely thought I would be a little more Virgo, because I've had people guess my horoscope pretty easily. I decided to take one more quiz.

ARE YOU A TRUE VIRGO? Does your personality match up to your given Sun Sign? If not, you might be more in tune with your Rising or Moon Sign! Select the answer that sounds most like you.

IF YOU GOT IN A MINOR CAR ACCIDENT, YOU WOULD: Curse yourself or the other driver for being so stupid! Shrug it off - these things happen. Wonder how in the world that happened! Blame the road conditions or other distractions.

YOUR IDEAL HOME WOULD BE: (I had trouble choosing between these two) 'Lived in' - a little clutter, but not a mess. Immaculately clean and organized. Controlled chaos - your clutter is your filing system! Simple and clean, but it doesn't have to be perfect.

IF YOU HAD TO VOLUNTEER, YOU WOULD: Care for animals at a shelter. Clean up litter at a park. Usher at an event or work at a booth. Be a mentor for a child.

RESULT: Since I had an answer I couldn't choose between, I fall between these two results: True Virgo

You know the rules inside out - and so should everyone else. You have high expectations for people and absolute respect for animals; people have vast potential, and animals do exactly what nature intended. When you're indoors, you lead an orderly, productive life, working to the best of your abilities in a system you'd never dream of changing. Those who know you understand your passion and dedication. Those who don't know you can learn by watching. And if you're the one who needs to learn something, you'll hit the books, integrate the data, and practice until you get it right.

Mostly Virgo You take responsibility when it suits you. And when it doesn't suit you, you always have a convincing excuse. You prefer simplicity to perfection. Indeed, you excel at meeting small challenges with neat solutions. Let the true Virgo in the room untangle all the gnarly problems. You're comfortable around kids because of their unquestioning faith in you. You're there for the people you love, and you're always hooking them up with each other to give yourself a little more breathing space. You like untamed nature in small doses, but it's no match for the excitement of the big city.

Of course, astrology really is just a fun way of seeing who we are, and there are lot of online quizzes and predictions that tell us what our day, week, year would be like, who we're compatible with. They're fun to read, but from personal experience, I definitely don't think it's something to bet our lives on. They can create a self-fulfilling prophesy, so take it with a grain of salt~

What is your astrological sign? Do you match your profile? Let me know!

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