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Ninja (Day 11)

This is really hard to keep up with, but I am trying my best! I am hoping to get all caught up by today... especially since today marks the halfway point of the month. Today's short story is a fluffy, cute romance that is super short and sweet. In my opinion, anyways. Enjoy!


"Oh my gosh! You scared me!"

"You're just easy to scare," Jack laughed as Sam threw a large snowball back at him.

"That's not funny, Jack!" Sam raised her arms in exasperation. "You're like a ninja, and it's scary!"

Jack only laughed harder at Sam's indignant look. "You're cute when you're angry, you know that?"

Sam turned bright red, but still pouted and replied, "So I'm not always cute?"

"Nop-puh," Jack obnoxiously popped the "p" sound, "only when I'm your ninja."

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