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Review: Civion

Happy Monday! It feels good to be back! I am still struggling with my health a bit, and I'm still not quite back on my feet, but it's okay! I had a long rest last night, and it helped a bit.

I know some of you saw my super click-baity engagement ring photo that isn't really an engagement ring photo over this weekend. Again, that is NOT an actual engagement ring, so please do not freak out. I was reached out by Civion to try their jewelry pieces and I was very pleasantly surprised. They've been kind enough to give my friends and followers a discount code: SSEWAN25 for 25% off! So please keep them in consideration as you do your holiday shopping this year :)

Civion is a relatively new, and small company based in New York. The great thing that they offer is a 60 day money back guarantee, which I found to be very generous, especially when it comes to jewelry. My personal experience with their customer service is that they were very quick in answering, and they are very kind. A downside is that their pieces do not come in a pretty box packaging, so some pieces can arrive a bit tangled. If you are looking to buy these pieces as a gift, I'd definitely recommend sending it to yourself, and getting a jewelry box to package it :)

The first thing that caught my eye was this Cartier- inspired ring. I am definitely no where near balling and able to afford a Cartier-anything, so I really do like this ring. The sizing does come a bit small. I'm usually a size 4.5 for my ring finger, so I got it in a size 5.5 to fit around my index or middle finger. As you can see, this ring is actually quite snug around my ring finger, so I'd definitely suggest sizing wayyyy up for this ring..

Speaking of rings, here is the not-engagement ring that I posted on IG. The pictures definitely do not do it justice in sparkly-ness, because in person it is so gorgeous. I got this in a size 5, and it fits pretty true to size. As mentioned earlier, I'm usually a 4.5, so the fact that it is a little loose is just right. I may have had too much fun shooting snobby fake engagement ring photos...

Now, moving on to necklace pieces. The first necklace that caught my eye was this stunning three-tier necklace. It is so elegant, and it would look absolutely beautiful with a deep plunge holiday dress, or a nice and simple turtle neck. I unfortunately had neither on hand, but I still think it really amps up the look of my velvet-y blue shirt. I honestly do not wear these kinds of necklaces very often (because I'm too lazy to untangle the layers), but I really do love seeing this style on others. I will say that this necklace took about an hour to untangle before the shoot, though!

A simpler version of that is this pretty necklace with a single dangling bar. It is so easy to put on because you just slip the bar through the circle, and it is perfect for a lazy person like me. Again, I think this would be a beautiful way to dress up any outfit, and it is very low-maintenance. Please excuse my ridiculously cracked lips. Whenever I have a fever, the first things to burn up seem to always be my lips.

Lastly, I have this choker. I have always loved this trend, but I honestly never really saw myself wearing it. I thought this was the perfect way to try out this style, and I had a lot of fun with this alternate persona, though! I am pretty sure some people thought I was weird, trying to be cool and posing in front of a not-yet open restaurant in the early afternoon, but it's okay~ I'm not sure if this is really a style I'll gravitate towards, but I think the pictures came out looking pretty nice :) I will say that the strap feels a little cheap compared to the other pieces, but all in all, it does look nice, and it would be great as a little stocking stuffer :) And yes, I know my teeth are not cool and straight.

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Civion. This does not change my opinion of the products.

Discount code: SSEWAN25 at

Photo credit: Samuel Ko

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